Monthly Archives: March 2018

Knitting machines feed on computer generated models for 3D shapes – TechCrunch

Finally, a use for that industrial knitting machine you bought at a garage sale! Carnegie Mellon researchers have created a method that generates knitting patterns for arbitrary 3D shapes, opening up the possibility of “knitting on demand.” Think about 3D printing, but softer. The idea is actually pretty compelling to …

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“Skyknit”: knitting patterns produced by a neural network

AI Weirdness’s Janelle Shane is awesome – she’s trained neural networks to invent all kinds of hilarious material, from new color names to weird new cooking recipes to original Dungeons and Dragons spells. Recently, she decided to train a neural network on knitting patterns, and he started spitting out new …

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An algorithm that converts 3D meshes into machine knit patterns

A group of CMU researchers has created a generalizable approach to converting pattern files generated by 3D design packages into knitting patterns that can be fed into a variety of computerized knitting machines, which then “print” the solid into knitting it. Textile artists have long emphasized that knitting and other …

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