19 Best Knitting Supplies – Top Knitting Tools and Materials of 2021


A homemade knitted scarf or hat makes a perfect thoughtful gift for birthdays and holidays, as well as being a fun and creative activity you can do in your spare time. To start your knitting journey, you really only need three things: Knitting needles, thread and scissors – corn there are many other handy tools that can make knitting even easier and produce expert-level results.

The Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab has rated sewing machines and other craft supplies for your ultimate DIY docking station. With our expertise, we’ve found the best knitting supplies for beginners and advanced knitters, helping you master a new technique or perfect every type of knitting project. Shop for the best knitting supplies of 2020:

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Knitting needles

10 Inch Aluminum Single Stitch Knitting Needles

To get started, you’ll need knitting needles and this pair of Boye’s are a great beginner’s size to get started. Size eight is a perfect width for beginners as they are easy to maneuver while being lightweight. Reviewers say the aluminum material allows for smooth knitting as you go without losing stitches.


Cozy yarn

Impeccable thread

Buckles and threads

$ 1.47

This affordable acrylic yarn is available in 60 colors and has over 600 rave reviews online. The brand recommends using a size eight knitting needle like the Boye aluminum knitting needles above with this yarn. It includes 260 yards of yarn that can also be used for crochet projects.


Fabric shears

8 Inch Knife Blade Dressmaker Scissors

While general-purpose scissors will likely work just for cutting wire, it’s a good idea to invest in a pair of snips. These dressmaking scissors can cut thread, fabric and trim with ease. With over 3,000 rave reviews on Amazon, these scissors are popular for cutting fabric smooth “like butter” and are also useful around the house.


Knitting kit for beginners

Chunky Chunky Merino Wool Cowl Kit


$ 57.95

If you are worried about choosing the right knitting needles and yarn, you should try a knitting kit, which includes everything you will need to complete a certain project. This knitting kit from LivingDreamsYarn on Etsy has all the tools to make a beautiful, thick knit scarf. It is available in 13 shades with instructions and patterns included, which makes it easy to obtain an expert-level result.


Advanced knitting kit

New Rules Sweater Knitting Kit

Wool and tape

$ 134.00

For expert knitters looking for their next challenge, this knitting kit from Wool and the Gang includes everything you will need to make this plaid sweater, including straight and circular knitting needles, alpaca yarn and merino wool and detailed instructions. Available in sizes 0-22 with 25 shades of mix and match yarn, you can finally create the sweater of your dreams.


Knitting patterns

34 trendy pieces you can do in a day

Loopy Mango knit

GH Design Director and Expert Craftsman Mariana Tuma loves this book because it features designs and knitting projects that are perfect for beginners and experts alike. Reviewers especially love the looser, thicker knit sweaters featured. If you want to learn how to make knitted clothes and accessories, this book is for you.


Giant knitting needles

Giant wooden knitting needles

Buckles and threads

$ 11.99

For projects that require a larger gauge, use thicker needles such as these jumbo wood knitting needles. In general, the rule is that the thicker the needle, the coarser the stitches will be. Some knitters also prefer to use thicker needles with thicker yarn to produce a looser result. Reviewers also recommend these knitting needles as an alternative to arm knitting.


Circular knitting needles

Set of circular knitting needles

cute diy

$ 13.99

Circular knitting needles help you avoid having seams in your final project, perfect for making hats, socks and sweaters too. This set from cuteDIY includes 11 knitting needles in a variety of widths, so you have everything you need for any type of circular knitting project. The needle itself is made of bamboo with a hollow tube connecting them. The tube is only slightly thinner than the needle itself to maintain the stitch gauge as you knit.


Point markers

104 pieces of lock stitch markers

When knitting a complicated pattern, it’s easy to forget where you are and make a mistake, which can be difficult to correct. These stitch markers help you mark where you are in the design to avoid missing stitches. Available in eight colors, you can use a different color to mark the start and end of stitches.


Tapestry needles

Blunt needles with large eyes

To finish your projects professionally, these large, blunt needles help you sew the edges and seams of your knitting projects together. This choice includes nine needles in a variety of sizes, each with a large, easy-to-slip opening. Reviewers love to use them for crochet and other sewing projects!


Stitch supports

Stitch support set

Buckles and threads

$ 3.99

When you take a break from a certain project, these stitch holders will keep everything in place while you use your knitting needles for something else. He enters a set of three in different sizes to avoid losing stitches in smaller and larger knitting projects look alike.


Mesureing tape

Soft tape measure

Many knitting projects require a tape measure to keep your stitches consistent as you go. Not just for knitting, a soft tape measure is great for sewing and for determining your body measurements as well. With over 1000 rave reviews on Amazon, critics love it this tape measure has both inches and centimeters with large, easy-to-read numbers.


Thread guide

2 size wire guide


$ 9.99

A thread guide runs directly over your finger and holds the thread in place while maintaining a comfortable level of tension. This choice of VintageBee comes with six thread guides in two so differentfits a variety of finger sizes. Critics love the fact that it relieves your fingers, preventing “wire burn”.


Needle caps

20 Piece Knitting Needle Stitch Protectors


$ 5.89

If you want a quick break from knitting, you should put on these point protectors to make sure you don’t lose any stitches. This set comes with 20 pieces in two different sizes and is made from flexible material, adapts perfectly to the tip of almost all sizes of knitting needles. Note that the color assortment is random in each package, so you will likely receive colors that are different from those pictured.


Point gauge

Count 10 Plus gauge detector

This adjustable gauge finder makes it easy to measure your stitches to make sure you are following the pattern correctly. It can also help you determine the size of your knitting needles and which knitting needle is best for each project.


Blocking mat

Blocking mat for knitting

Well done to the sheep

$ 24.11

To make sure that your knitting projects keep their proper shape, you may need to block them out. This blocking board set includes nine EVA foam interlocking boards with a one inch grid for easy measurement in case of dry or wet blockage.


Knitting machine

Knit Spool Loom Set

If you want to avoid knitting needles altogether, a spool knitter allows you making belts and scarves without needle. It’s also a great way to quickly and easily make straps and ties to attach to larger knitting projects. There are also larger knitwear sets for making seamless sweaters and hats.


Knitting counter

Knit scoring set

Buckles and threads

$ 2.99

Perfect fit on your knitting needles, it has never been easier to count rows while knitting – just turn the counter for each row. It includes two sizes which should fit most knitting needles. There are also some great knitting counter apps for your phone.


Knitting patterns

Visual Encyclopedia of Knitting Stitches

Susan turner

$ 16.00

When learning new models, it helps to have a reference guide. This book presents more 350 knitting patterns with easy to follow instructions and tons of full color images. Reviewers love that this book includes both beginner and expert stitch patterns. Plus, it’s available through your Kindle or in pocket size.

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