18 Adorable and Cozy Fall Knitting and Crochet Patterns for All Skill Levels

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Cozy knits and steaming teacups are the perfect fall accessories. Whether you’re an experienced crafter or just starting out, knitting your own cold weather gear is both possible and fun. Knowing where to start is crucial; but once you’ve mastered a few basic stitches, you can produce your own scarves, blankets, holiday decorations, and more.

A festive autumn of crafts awaits you! Scroll down for our list of knit and crochet patterns for all abilities.

Fall Knit Crochet Ideas

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Learn the basics of knitting and crochet

If you’re new to knitting and crocheting, there are plenty of educational resources on the internet.

Crochet projects are done with a single crochet and can be faster than knitting. Knitting, on the other hand, uses two needles. Although not difficult to learn, knitting is generally the more complicated of the two crafts. You’ll want to learn the basic knit stitch as well as the cast. This a helpful video explains the basics of knitting– even for absolute beginners. The purl stitch, which is another basic knitting technique, can also be learned through video tutorials.

Knitting needles and crochet hooks are available in different sizes. This impacts the stitch size and how tight (or loose) the weave of your work is. Larger needles create a looser knit. Be sure to follow the template requirements.

Although they use different tools, the same yarn considerations should be made for knitting and crocheting. The thread comes in the form of strands of different widths. Thread thickness may seem like a small detail, but it can have a huge impact on the stitch count and size of your final product. When reading a knit or crochet pattern, be sure to note the gauge of yarn needed.

18 knitting and crochet patterns for all skill levels

A festive knitted pumpkin

knit pumpkin project

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Decorate your fireplace with adorable knit pumpkins. Choose orange yarn or the color of your favorite fall squash. A free pattern is available at Ravelry.

Cozy slippers that you made yourself

Crocheted slippers

Mamachee | $5.50

Slippers are essential for chilly fall days, so make sure you’re prepared with this DIY pair. Designed by Mamachee, the mid-level pattern requires an H-hook and bulky yarn to bring out the cable design on top of the foot.

Crochet socks

Crochet Sock Pattern

Couture & Co. | $6.50

If slippers aren’t your thing, try crochet this pair of socks. The beginner-friendly pattern from The Stitchery & Co. uses basic stitches with the ability to change colors so you can customize your look.

A pretty knitted scarf

knit scarf

Photo: Image bank by XUANHUONGHO/Shutterstock

A scarf is a classic beginner’s knitting project for good reason. Easy, wearable, and cute, there are plenty of scarf designs for all abilities. Beginners can try this free chunky knit pattern from Berrocco. Another free color-block pattern from O Wool is perfect for minimalists.

A quick knit headband

Crochet knit headband

Photo: Image bank by MARXSTUDIO/Shutterstock

Regardless of your experience level, a knit headband is a quick project. Try this ribbed design from Ravelry to start. Or if you feel ready to try cable knitting, this free product pattern is a perfect introduction.

Knitted stand-up collar with a cropped fit

Shirts with a high collar and a short cut are in fashion. Follow the latest trends when you knit this sweater. As a beginner-friendly pattern, it uses stockinette stitch and rib stitch with possible knitting in the round. Once you’re done, you’ll have something to carry you through fall and winter and even into next spring.

A cozy shawl

Carolina Outlander Shawl Pattern

HandyLittleMe | $4.63

For walks in the autumn woods, knit a stylish shawl. This cool Outlander inspired pattern is affordable and accessible. To crochet a shawl, watch this “cool casual” wrap.

The cutest hat for kids

Fox Cowl pattern for kids

levelvetacorn | $5.50

As the holiday season approaches, knit adorable hats for the kids in your life. This Failynn Fox Hoodie might be the cutest pattern on the internet. Beginner crochet enthusiasts can try these easy and colorful pom pom hats from Inspiration.

An Ingenious “Cosy” Shoulder

Comfortable Icelandic knits on the shoulders

byEline | $3.99

Sometimes a little extra heat does a lot of good. This comfortable smart shoulder pattern is inspired by Icelandic winter knits. Another cable knit pattern gives a more Irish feel.

A chunky knit blanket

Chunky knit blanket

Photo: Image bank by ALBINA GLISIC/Shutterstock

These chunky knit blankets are not only trendy but quick to make thanks to the size of the thread and the needles. Try knitting the blanket using your arms instead of needles for a project you really can’t put down. Want more instructions? Laura Birek offers a affordable model.

A cozy useful cafe

Coffee Cozy Knit Mug

Photo: Image bank by PAVELKANT/Shutterstock

Accessorize your hot drinks with these cute cozies. Nestle this Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte in this perfectly sized cozy pumpkin. For Oktoberfest fans, crochet these adorable colorful cozies with this easy pattern. (Remember that knit cozies won’t completely protect your fingers from the heat.)

Elegant layered cardigan

If the idea of ​​crocheting a sweater intimidates you, this Mezzo vest pattern has another way of seeing things. “You’ll start by crocheting two relaxing hexagons,” the designer writes, “that will magically turn into sweater sleeves, backs, and fronts.” Curious to know how it works? All you have to do is crochet it to find out!

Festive Christmas tree ornaments

If the grocery store starts playing Christmas carols, it’s time to think about trimming your tree. Get a head start by crafting these gorgeous tree ornaments for friends and family. Acute bedazzled tree pattern can also add extra pizzazz to your decorations.

Cozy Boat Neck Sweaters

Knitting a sweater is a noble goal and can seem daunting. However, after mastering a few basics, this madison marie boss provides an easy path to your first pull; The chunky knit boatneck design is perfect for layering all fall long. For the hook, this easy pattern for a textured turtleneck is comfortable enough to spend the whole day in.

Darling Deer Scarf

Deer Scarf Knitting Pattern

Nina Fuhrer | $5.99

Originally created for children but adapted for adults, this design by Nina Führer may seem impossible. But with the help of its eight-page template, you will be able to create this charming deer scarf. Before you tackle this project, you should have some prior knitting experience.

Bubblegum sweater

Bubblegum sweater

AlizaKnits | $5.79

If you find it hard to dress cute in cold weather, then you haven’t seen the adorable bubblegum sweater by AlizaKnits. By completing this knitting pattern, you can create your own chunky top with a fun textured finish.

Crochet Houseplants

Even if you have trouble with houseplants, you can still create your own everlasting garden. This crochet pattern by KeeleysCrochet will walk crafters through how to make their own hanging vines from start to finish.

Tulip sweater cardigan

Tulip sweater cardigan

NastjaHooks | $9.14

Sweater jackets are a fall staple. Instead of buying one from the store, you can learn how to make your own with this model by NastjaCrochets. It features a beautiful tulip print.

Online Classes

Crochet Bag

Crochet Crash Course: Fiesta Fringe Bag at My Modern Met Academy: Have some crafty fun when you fashion this fringed bag. New to crochet? No problem! You will learn how to create the bag from start to finish.

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