12 geek creations perfect to get your pride

My own project was to create a set of cloth napkins decorated with Star Wars rainbow symbols. This one is a clone trooper helmet!

In the three-way Venn diagram of crafty, geeky, and LGBTQIA+, there’s a magical center point where all three intersect. With those hat tricks in mind, what better way to celebrate Pride this month than to put together a sample of Pride crafts, preferably of the geeky variety?

I’ve organized my finds into a few different categories so you can find the crafting medium that matches your interests. This is by no means a complete list, and if you don’t find something that piques your interest here, don’t be afraid to shake the internet yourself to see what comes up!

Knitting and Crochet Patterns

Gay Pride Pig


Gay Pride Pig Amigurumi

Amigurumi (3D yarn creatures) are always super cute, and this adorable rainbow pig pattern is no different. The manufacturer also has a few other variants of the Pride flag available in their store.


13th Doctor Scarf

While not specifically a Pride creation, the most recent incarnation of everyone’s favorite time-traveling doctor wears a rainbow-striped scarf that can certainly be claimed for the occasion. ! This pattern is made specifically for crochet, but a knitting magazine in the UK also offers a free download for its own knitted version.


Cthulhu Amigurumi Pride Flag

He’ll bring about the end of time and devour your soul, but he’ll definitely look cute doing it. This crochet pattern comes with instructions for 16 different Pride cthulhus.


DNA Cable Scarf

This is a knitting pattern for a long scarf with a DNA strand cable pattern. Bisexual flag version list is linked, but there are other versions available in the manufacturer’s shop!

Cross Stitch Patterns


queer science

This list will offer you several cross stitch patterns, all with a scientific twist (like the Queeriodic chart). The manufacturer is donating all proceeds from the sale of these models to Queer Science, an organization aimed at making LGBTQIA+ youth feel more accepted in the STEM community. This organization is also local, hosted at the University of Minnesota!


pride sabers

This design uses the different colored blades of lightsabers to create the Pride Flag (Philadelphia variant)! The manufacturer also has designs for other Pride flags available in their shop.


Initiative Roll

Inclusivity is important when it comes to Dungeons and Dragons. This template features the popular “When someone attacks a party member… slogan and a pile of dice with different flag colors.

Kari Nakken

trans unicorn

This design is an adorable unicorn in a tapestry style, all in the colors of the trans flag. Until the end of June, the manufacturer donates half of the proceeds from the sale of the model to a few trans advocacy and support groups, which are listed on the linked website.

Assorted Craft Templates

The Athena Workshop

Pride Hearts Quilt

This complete quilt pattern features heart designs inspired by the Philadelphia pride flag. Proceeds from the sale of this quilt pattern are donated to Project Q, a queer non-profit organization in Los Angeles.


Pride Tie Dye Kit

This kit comes with everything you need to create your own tie-dye masterpiece, including Skittles to ensure you’re fully energized for the task. The linked kit is for asexual Pride, but the manufacturer has multiple kits available on their store for different Pride colors.


pride stickers

Do you journal? It’s clever too! Grab this set of rainbow planner stickers for a diary-themed month. Part of the profits are donated to Four Pillars Aberdeen in Scotland.


Rainbow chainmail bracelet

This kit comes with the materials and instructions to make a rainbow chainmail bracelet. A bit of brilliant flair with a subtle geek twist!

Hope you find something on this list to get your creativity flowing. If you find another craft that is not here, I would love for you to share it in the comments below.

Happy Pride!

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