10 Best Arts and Crafts to Do When You’re Stressed (and Need a Break)

In a world where we are constantly busy 24/7, it is difficult to adapt to the new normal. The world is currently dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, leading to a spike in anxiety and stress.

But when we feel overwhelmed, especially by things we can’t control, we need to take time to de-stress and relax. It’s important to have fun and creative painkillers because if you let your anxieties overwhelm you, it starts to affect your body and your physical and mental health.

Fortunately, crafting is a great way to escape the extreme pressures of modern times.

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Fun fact: Occupational therapy uses craftsmanship as the basic foundation of its therapy. Arts and crafts work great to help reduce stress and anxiety, which really benefits those suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

Crafts and art have a wide range of benefits that help you psychologically, such as reducing anxiety and stress, giving you a sense of accomplishment and relaxation, boosting confidence, and improving cognitive abilities like memory , problem solving and concentration.

Indeed, according to The conversation“74% of research participants described feeling ‘distracted’ or ‘distracted’ from these negative emotional and cognitive states, as well as being more relaxed and at ease. More than half said they felt less stressed, had a sense of accomplishment and less likely to take action. their “ruminating thoughts”. »

There was also a study that introduced knitting to patients with anorexia nervosa who were hospitalized. They reported being less anxious when knitting and focusing less on their eating disorder.

Knitting has also been associated with reducing work stress and fatigue, and quilting has been associated with helping elderly patients retain cognitive and physical abilities. Textile craftsmanship is also linked to the relief of long-term chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, and other illnesses.

Crafting has many benefits, especially when it comes to relieving anxiety or stress.

For those suffering from any type of anxiety, the craft helps focus energies and gives an outlet for nervous energy.

So, to help you get through this uncertain time in our lives, here are the best DIYs for beginners to channel your nervous energies into productive ones, all while brightening your day.

1. Learn to crochet.

Crocheting is a perfect craft to do when you are looking for stress relief. It gives you something to focus on and clear your mind while creating something.

You can leave all your frustration in each knot, which helps you get rid of stress. It’s a great time to think about all the things that are stressing you out in life, and then you can work things out between you and the yarn.

Fun fact: Crocheting has been linked to reducing depression and feelings of anxiety, as well as alleviating certain physical illnesses such as arthritis.

2. Learn wood burning techniques.

Burning wood is a great way to relieve stress. Sure, it’s a little dangerous, but great nonetheless.

You can use hot tools to engrave a design on a piece of wood. When it comes to your sanity, there’s something relaxing about burning stuff, so this is a safer way to do it. Also, when you focus, it helps you let go of whatever pops into your head.

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3. Learn to paint.

A little paint, finger paint or doodling will help you solve your problems while creating something. You have the ability to concentrate and using your hands is always a good way to release stress.

4. Relieve your stress by coloring in an adult coloring book.

Adult coloring books are the best. They help you overcome stress and anxiety, and coloring keeps your mind busy without stressing you out. It’s just a fun activity to keep your hands and mind occupied.

When you use coloring books, it relaxes you, which helps reduce the activity of your amygdala, which is involved in stress-affected emotions.

5. Make yourself a Dammit Doll.

Yes, that’s exactly what you think. A Dammit Doll works great for overcoming your anxieties. So what is it? A Dammit doll is a do-it-yourself doll that you can work out your frustrations on.

There is a poem that accompanies the Damnit Doll: “Whenever things ain’t so good / And you wanna bang against the wall and scream / Here’s a fucking little doll / You can’t live without / Just grab her tight by the legs / And to find a place to smack it / And while you tear the stuffing / Shout ‘DAMMIT! DAMMIT! DAMMIT!'”

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6. Take a bath with your own DIY bath bomb.

DIY bath bombs are a clever way to make bath time a whole lot more fun and relaxing. Did you know that taking a bath is a very popular way to relax?

Make your own bath bombs with your favorite scents and Epsom salts, and you’ll have a lovely addition to your relaxing bath. And if you’re using essential oils, use lavender or a combination. If you’re in pain, spearmint and eucalyptus are great for relaxing your muscles, and peppermint is used for almost everything.

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7. Make things out of clay.

Doing things with clay is a great way to physically release your frustrations and tension from your body. There’s something about working with your hands that takes your stress away. It’s also a great activity to help relieve your symptoms of depression.

8. Make a stress ball to expel your anger.

A good DIY project is to make your own stress ball, which will help you when you are anxious and stressed. Keep a stress ball nearby so that when you feel stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, or nervous, you can exercise your nervous energy. And by creating your own, it means more to you.

9. Try scrapbooking.

Scrapbooking is the act of preserving your family history or your own personal history in a book filled with doodles, photos, clip art and fun descriptions. It’s a great relaxation and stress relief technique because you can get lost in memories and recall times when things were simpler and easier.

10. Have fun with a hot glue gun.

Hot glue guns are a great thing to have in your craft box. You can glue objects together, create patterns, draw, decorate, etc. Of course, you can have fun with hot glue guns, but you have to be careful. If you accidentally touch the hot glue before it cools, you will burn your finger.

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